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Message to Iraqis 19 Oct 2003

By Osama Bin Laden

Praise be to Allah, who says: 'O Prophet! Strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and stand firm against them. Their abode is Hell an evil refuge indeed.'

Prayers and peace on our Prophet Mohammad who says: 'He who is killed for his money is a martyr, he who is killed for his blood is a martyr, he who is killed for his religion is a martyr and he who is killed for his family is a martyr.'

This is the second letter for our Muslim brethren in Iraq. You the grandsons of Saad, al-Muthanna, Khalid and al-Muanna ... you the grandsons of Salah al-Din. Peace be upon you, and the mercy and blessings of God.

My congratulations to you on your blessed efforts and jihad. You have indeed slaughtered the enemy and have pleased the hearts of all Muslims, particularly the Palestinian people. You will be rewarded by God the Almighty. Thank you for your jihad and may God help you.

Be glad of the good news: America is mired in the swamps of the Tigris and Euphrates . Bush is, through Iraq and its oil, easy prey. Here is he now, thank God, in an embarrassing situation and here is America today being ruined before the eyes of the whole world.

Thank God, who responded to its [America's] malicious deeds that have forced it to seek help from gangs and beg for mercenaries from the east and the west. Your exemplary punishment of America is no surprise: you are the sons of those great knights who took Islam to the east till they reached China.

Be aware that this war is a new crusade against the Islamic world. It is a decisive war for the whole community. For those who do not know, its repercussions are dangerous and wicked for Islam and Muslims. Oh youth of Islam everywhere, especially in [Iraq’s] neighbouring countries and Yemen, jihad is your duty and rightness is your path. Never be followers of those who act to satisfy their fancies … and of those who have allied themselves with tyrants in order to discourage you from holy jihad.

Voices have risen in Iraq as before in Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and elsewhere, calling for a peaceful democratic solution in dealing with apostate governments or with Jewish and crusader invaders instead of fighting in the name of God. Hence, it is necessary to warn against the danger of this deviant and misleading pratice that contradicts Allah’s teachings to fight in the name of God.

How can you obey those who have never fought for Allah? Have you never imagined it was they who have disabled the nation’s stock of faithful men and followed their whims? 

They have chosen democracy, the faith of the ignorant, through becoming members of legislative councils. They have gone astray and misled many people.

Why do they become members of the councils of polytheism? Islam has rejected such representative councils. By so doing those members renounce the essence of their faith, so what do they have left? They allege that they follow the right path. They are in great danger, while Islam is clear about their deeds.

Islam is the faith of Allah, while the legislative councils are the faith of the ignorant. Those who obey their kings or scholars - in permitting what Allah has prohibited, such as becoming members of the legislative councils, or prohibiting what Allah has permitted, such as jihad for the sake of Allah - they have thus made them their lords, rather than obey God.

I am calling upon Muslims in general and Iraqi people in particular, to tell them to avoid supporting the American crusaders and those who back them. Those who assist them, whatever they are called, are renegades and infidels. This applies to those who support parties of infidels such as the Baath party, the Kurdish parties and the like.

It is also obvious that any government set up by America will be a puppet and traitorous regime, as are governments of the region such as Karazai's and Mahmud Abbas’s governments, which were formed to abort Jihad.

The 'road map' plan is only a new link in the circle of conspiracies to stop the blessed Intifada. Hence, jihad must continue until a Muslim government is established on the basis of Sharia law.

Fellow Muslims! This issue is so serious, it is no joking matter. Those who can contribute effort, opinions, assistance, energy or money, this is the right time for giving. In such circumstances, people will be judged to sort the honest from the lying and the altruists from the selfish. Our prudent Muslim women are also expected to play their role.

I will tell my Mojahedin brothers in Iraq that I share their concerns and feel what they feel while I envy them their jihad. As God is my witness, if I had the opportunity to join you, I would not delay.

How could I not join you when our Prophet and leader (peace be upon him) said that were it not too hard for Muslims, he would join every invasion for the sake of Allah. He also said he wished he could join an invasion and be killed, invade and be killed and again invade and be killed.

This is the path of our Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), the path that leads us to the triumph of our faith and the establishment of the Muslim state. You Muslims have to follow this path. You the descendants of Rabiaa, Mudar and the Kurdish clans, you must hoist your flags. Never be scared of those bastards with their weaponry, for Allah has weakened their cunning.

Never be afraid of their multitudes, for their hearts are empty while their strength has begun to weaken - militarily and economically. This was particularly true after the blessed day of New York, by the grace of Allah, when their losses reached more than one trillion dollars, following the attack and its aftermath.

Moreover, they have had a budget deficit for the third consecutive year. This year, the deficit reached a record peak of more than US $4.5 billion. Praise be to Allah.

In conclusion, my compliments to my brothers the Mojahedin in Iraq, to the heroes in Baghdad, the centre of the Caliphate, to the supporters of Islam, the descendants of Salah al-Din, to the free people of Baquba, Mawsil and Anbar, to those who have immigrated for the sake of Allah so that they may be killed for the sake of their religious faith. To those who have left their parents, their sons, their relatives and towns, I convey my greetings.

I am also telling you that you are the soldiers of Allah, the arrows of Islam and the first line of defence for this nation. The Romans gathered under the banner of the cross to fight against the nation of Mohammad (peace be upon him). So, maintain the jihad. I hope Islam will not be undermined through you. Allah is blessing what you have been responsible for. We are putting a great deal of hope on your efforts, after Allah. So do not frustrate Muslims -- follow the example of Saad (may Allah be pleased with him) who said on the day of al-Khandaq  battle that death is welcome when one is destined to die.

I call upon you, and myself, to obey Allah, implicitly and explicitly, and to recite the Quran, contemplate its meaning and follow its teachings, particularly such suras as [al-Tawba] and [al-Anfal].

You have to glorify and pray to Allah. May God bestow virtue upon us in this world and in the afterlife and keep us away from Hell.

May Allah lead the hearts of our youth to the path of jihad, strengthen their hearts, give them courage, help them reach their targets and link their hearts in amity and unity.

May Allah bestow his triumph upon the Mojahedin everywhere in Palestine, Iraq, Chechnya, Kashmir, the Philippines and Afghanistan.

Note: This message was published by JUST Response on November 30 2003. It first appeared on October 19 2003 in Al-Jazeera, to whom we express our grateful acknowledgement. Additions in square brackets were added by Al-Jazeera.

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