Pyshnov plagiarism and illegitimate inquiry denied

A letter from Toronto

Dear Sir,

An interview with Mr M. Pyshnov that appeared in JUST Response (Genetic manipulations, JUST Response, February 7, 2003) has been brought to my attention. In that interview Mr Pyshnov is quoted as stating that Dr A. Hilliker and I wrote letters "confirming plagiarism", and "denying the legitimacy" of an investigation by a third party. The letters written by Dr Hilliker and me made no such statements. These citations, and other remarks ascribed to Dr Hilliker and me in the interview, are incorrect.

Stan R. Blecher
Professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, University of Guelph
Toronto, Canada

Note: This letter was published by JUST Response on February 22 2003.

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